Best support for high professionals

The most important for tayfunRecruitment is the dialogue- from the first moment on. During valuable and confiding exchange we clarify your ambition, personal identification and motivation. We also get to the bottom of your motivation and methods, and create a roadmap which includes the most important indicators for the current situation, the time frame and goals for the desired condition.

We listen to you precisely, so that no questions remain unanswered. Together we compile analysis and create a plan for your future that is based on your wishes, needs and vision. We guarantee an effective support through the engagement of your competent contact person. Of course, we will also be there for you after the new work contract is signed.

Our network of renowned co-operation partners makes it possible: tayfunRecruitment invests in young talents and also establishes you on the job market. Qualified specialists from abroad get trained systematically and get limbered up for the German job market. Whether language school, trainer or consultant- you receive everything you need from one source: custom-fit and professional. An overview of our services:


  • Analysis of actual condition
  • Analysis of the market value
  • Analysis and presentation of custom-fit vacancies
  • Comprehensive guidance throughout the whole application procedure


  • Analysis of strenghts and weaknesses
  • Analysis of career dna
  • Analysis of potential
  • Résumé- optimization


  • Personality training (facial expressions, gesture, rhetoric)
  • Improve strenghts, reduce weaknesses
  • Secure and free speaking (to optimize awareness, increase of competence)
  • Use the conclusions of the career-dna-analysis ideally
  • Recognize stress factors and learn good handling