About us

These are our values

Not only honest, but competent

A honest relationship, both with our clients and partners, is essential for us. Part of this is also to be brave enough to mention things that might not sound nice in the first moment. It is not enough to only guarantee honesty. Let´s face it! Without technical know-how, without the ability to put ourselves in your position to evaluate all personal and work related aspects, honesty is a nice, but trivial quality. We do not only offer honest consultation,  but expertise in what we do.

Not only open, but transparent

An open approach with out partners, companies and applicants is one of our most valuable assets. Only like this we can achieve to avoid misunderstandings, whilst representing our positioning towards all involved parties at all times. Moreover we would like to give insight into the most current processes. Part of that is being available to you at all times. We aim to give you detailed advice and input upon your questions and needs- and not just porous ideas. 

Not only reputable, but humorous

Of course we at Tayfun Recruitment aim to present ourselves in a serious manner thoughtout our knowledge and social competencies. However, it does not harm to make you smile once in a while. We only hope you understand our humour- and if not, we´ll try until you do. So just laugh from the first time on!