Questions and answers

Mr. Öz, foundation of tayfunRectuitment does not go back that long. Can you tell me what motivated you to found tayfunRectuitment?

For more than 6 years I have been working as a rectuitment consultant in the IT sector. I have started as Researcher at a medium-sized personnel agency. Then it rapidly continued by switching towards recruitment and account management. Subsequently I was part of the management of an internationally operating human resource agency. Throughout my career I have realised that my idea of a personnel agency is rather different!

I wanted to found a personnel agency that coaches qualitative application procedures. For us, the most important thing is to be a competent contact for computer scientists that are interested in a change of employment. Only if there is trust, you can have an open and honest conversation. That is an important precondition for a successful application procedure.

How would you describe tayfunRecruitment?

I would describe it as an IT-personnel agency that has specialised in vacancies in the area of application- and web-development. Furthermore as honest, authentic, open and professional. Our clients and applicants ought to trust us- but trust is not a matter of course. Trust has to be developed and we are certain to reach this state by maintaining a transparent approach.

What differentiates tayfunRectuitment from other personnel agencies?

We do not think short-term and don´t give our candidates the feeling of just being any product. It is important to make our applicants feel that we are the best contact for all content-related questions during the process of changing employers. Of course, noone has to change emplyers with us being by their side. But it is important to us that we at tayfunRectuitment are interested in having honest contact. We consciously do not work with any company, just because it seems to be lucrative. Important selection criteria, corporate culture and a clear application procedure for applicants stand in the foreground.

What are the greatest challenges you see- and how do you believe tayfunRecruitment can master them?

In the past we have seen more and more how rival businesses have introduced our clients to various firms- without getting their permission first. Obviously, that makes business more difficult for us. We hope that applicants realise these issues and ensure to work with personnel agencies that make a respectable and competent impression.

What we have found to be another difficulty is that many applicants nowadays, because of a lack of time, do not have sufficient time to investigate into suitable companies anymore. The selection is great-  but to find the perfect employer for oneself can be a struggle. At this point, we see great demand for support for our clients. As recruitment consultancy, we want to be involved throughout the selection procedure to support our clients at every step.